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Item no 9271
From the Ivory Coast near the Bandama river. The mask is two masks in one. It has fine features with long geometrical twisted hornes; the antelope with open mouth revealing teeth. Rust color and other pigment all over. Also fringe of hair between horns. Antelope is the symbol of a spirit. Guro... [more]
Fine Dan Mask
Item no M1036
Of hollowed oval form, and pierced around the rim for attachment, with a fine adzed interior, the pointed chin protruding to the front. Pierced diamond-shaped mouth beneath the triangular nose. Pierced semi-closed eyes; Exceptionally fine and varied blackened patina. African; Dan Tribe Height:... [more]
A Fine Songye Wood Mask
Item no 9244
Of massive rounded form flared at the base, probably used as protective fetish, with tapering quadrangular mouth, triangular nose extending over the long pierced slit eyes and an incised linear pattern overall. The entire perimeter pierced for attachments. Brown patina with traces of white kaolin.... [more]
Lobi Male and Female Figurines
Item no M2356
Pair of fertility male and female wood figures. Each standing with hands at their side, legs straight and facing forward. Both figures with closed mouth, almond shaped eyes and prominent brow. Fitted on contemporary stand. Africa; Lobi tribe, Ghana Height: 9 in. (22.9 cm) (without stand) [more]
Item no M2378
Male passport mask with raffia beard and exaggerated features with protruding mouth, nose and facial striations painted white. Feathers adorn the fiber headdress backing with hair extending from the nostrils. Mounted on a fitted stand. • Zaire Height: 15 in. (38.1 cm) (without stand) [more]
Ibo Ancestral Figure
Item no 5692
Sculpted in wood of columnar form, standing with his handsclasped to the side of the stomach, with raised hatched scarifications to either side of the prominent protruding navel; the slender head with a small triangular face with prominent mouth; the coiffure ridged. With headdress. (The wide neck,... [more]
Item no M2891
A pair of carved wooden figures of standing Male and Female both carvings have a contemporary, black wooden base. Both figures have linear hair, with curved protruding ears, slit eyes and perched mouth. The figures are standing in a rigid typical form. The hands are firmly clasped to the torso... [more]
Item no M2911
The flat rectangular panel is decorated with geometric designs, surmounted by stylized head. Metal inserts for the sliding lock at the back. • Africa; Ivory Coast Hauteur/Height: 13 in. (33 cm) [more]
Item no M2947
Stylized coiffure, long nose, slit eyes with arched eyebrows. Paint still visible throughout. Fitted on a contemporary stand. • Cote d’Ivoire, Ivory Coast Hauteur/Height: 12 in. (30.5 cm) [more]
Lobi Stool
Item no M1044
Raised on tapering cylindrical arms and legs beneath flat rectangular seat, rounded at one end with scarafications and mounted with an elongated neck and head on the other end. Face with recessed features and mounted with a singular crested coiffure. Some old repairs. Bobo Malinke,... [more]
Fine Dan Mask
Item no M1038
Of hollowed oval form, and pierced around the rim for attachment, with a fine adzed interior, the pointed chin protruding to the front. Pierced diamond-shaped mouth beneath the triangular nose. Pierced semi-closed eyes; Exceptionally fine and varied encrusted blackened patina. African; Tribu Dan... [more]
Item no 4576
Wood headdress carved in a form of an antelope, with pair of horns, zig-zag motif across head and body, body in a geometric form. Metal detail on face and horns. Mounted on a contemporary wooden base. Used to perform dances to celebrate the hero Chi Wara(agriculture) but also to ensure fertility of... [more]
Dan Mask
Item no M1037
Hollowed oval form and pierced around the rim for attachment, with a fine adzed interior. Pierced diamond-shaped mouth with stylized teeth beneath the triangular nose. Pierced semi-closed eyes; Ridges on the forehead. Fine and varied encrusted blackened patina. African, Dan Tribe Height: 9 3/4... [more]
Item no M2946
Delicate features, long nose, slit eyes with arched eyebrows, double coiffure. Small puckered mouth. Scarification on cheeks and forehead. Fitted on a contemporary stand. • Ivory Coast Height: 13.75 in. (34.9 cm) [more]
Ceremonial Staff, Gabon
Item no A0130
The cylindrical staff surmounted by a finial above a circular ridge. The finial represent three elongated faces, to which the height is 6 3/4 in., with slit eyes beneath a ridged forehead and a cap-coiffure. The long triangular nose running down the face which ends in an angular shaped chin with... [more]
Ethiopian Amulet
Item no M1798
Handwritten on a parchment scroll in Kufic writing. Kufic: Characters of the arabic alphabet used in the witting of the original Koran, in the time of Muhammad, (570-632 AD.) Ethiopian Circa 570-632 AD. [more]
Bamlieke Stool
Item no M1805
Wooden stool, eroded with time use and exposure. Stool top is a solid circle with some remanence of coloration all around. Three human like figures which stand on the base, also a solid circle, with a hollowed out center. Each little figure displays a different expression on their... [more]
Wooden Mask
Item no 6851
With brown patina, broad open mouth showing teeth, bulging cheeks and large eyes, surmounted by a circular openwork headdress. Cameroon Height: 18 in. (46 cm) [more]
Songye Figurine
Item no M2354
Standing figure of a male fetish with skins to protect the power. Wearing a Kifwebe mask with protruding lips and slit eyes and neck rope. With bent knees and hands clutching belly. Resting on a fitted contemporary stand. Africa; Songye tribe, Republic of Congo Height: 13 in. (33 cm) (without... [more]
Yaka Initiation Mask
Item no 8459
Wood mask has been inset into a large head of raffia. Prodominent slit shaped eyes have been painted blue. Chin of the mask tapers exposing block teeth. Entire mask has been adorned with a surmounted flat cap with a small textile dressed wooden figure with elongated limbs and torso. The figure... [more]
Item no M2412
With large bulging eyes, long projecting rectangular mouth and wide flange to center of forehead, carved all over with parallel grooves painted alternately black and white. Fitted on a metal stand. • Democratic Republic of Congo Height: 19 in. (48.3 cm) [more]
Item no M2941
Carved of deep brown wood , hair stained black, one face of a women, the other of a man, finely carved with classical features, decorated with elaborate scarification on face, neck and torso. Arms folded resting on either side of their naval. The Baule people believe that spirits appear in this... [more]
Bangwa Male Memorial Figure
Item no M0779
Finely sculpted figure, standing on tall feet and muscular legs supporting a voluminous abdomen holding a pipe and a rattle. Oval head, with an open mouth, almond shaped eyes and a triangular nose. Nice coiffure, wearing stacked necklaces with encircling pendants, rich dark brown... [more]
Bangwa Female Memorial Figure
Item no M0778
Finely sculpted figure, standing in a dramatic posture on long feet and muscular legs supporting a voluminous abdomen and breast, holding two dance rattles. Oval head, with an open mouth, almond shaped eyes and a triangular nose. Grooved coiffure, wearing stacked anklets and bracelets, with... [more]
Item no M2908
Standing reliquary wood figure which would be placed on top of a Byeri box. Carved with scarification in front with circular metal tacks as eyes. Nice patina throughout. Fitted on a black contemporary wooden base. Encompasses Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. • Afrique, Africa... [more]
Item no M2917
Female standing figure with both hands on stomach, scarification on stomach, back, neck and face, almond eyes, straight nose and closed mouth. Flat feet carved into the round stand, wearing a loose beaded belt. Rich, nice patina throughout. • Afrique, Africa; Baule Hauteur/Height: 14.8 in.... [more]
Item no M2434
Wood mask carved concave with slit metal eyes, reminisce of material still visible, protruding triangular mouth with metal chiseled teeth. Coiffure runs the entire rim of the mask consisting of mud straw and cowrie shells. Topped with red pigment cloth. Fitted on contemporary stand. • Ivory... [more]
Item no M2342
Ceremonial axe with snakeskin handle. Openwork blade in semi-C form connected to handle with wrought iron, twisted on top and decorated in the center with carved ceremonial faces. CONGO Hauteur/Height: 15 in. (38.1 cm) [more]
Item no M1042
Fang male statue standing with muscular bent legs supported by cylindrical stick at back, beneath rounded hips and elongated flaring torso with protruding abdomen and prominent navel. The powerful shoulders leading to bent arms above one another holding a staff. Wearing a string of red beads... [more]
Item no M2344
of hollowed oval form,plane facial form,diminutive mouth and ears has a flat nose leading to arching brows and plain incised scarification marks below slit eyes. All beneath single crested staraited coiffure; fine black/brown patina. Straw binding woven around the face,the back has wax like... [more]
African Ceremonial Weapon
Item no M1769
In a serpent style like form arriving to a point on top and a closed loop at bottom. The handle wrapped in leather. Running the length of the blade are geometrical incisions. [more]
Ceremonial Knife
Item no 8237
Metal 19th Century [more]