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Item no M0178
OIL ON BOARD Depicting a boat on a stormy sea. Mounted in a gilt wood frame. Good condition. Europe; 18th century 48,5cm X 41cm 19” X 16” [more]
Item no 7974
‘Antiphonere” music page. Six sections of notation with black notes on red lines, with Latin lettering on both sides. • Espagne, Spain; 1575-1625 Hauteur/Height: 27.5 in. (69.9 cm)Largeur/Width: 19 in. (48.3 cm) #7974 (WQUIR8) [more]
Item no M1540
Depicting a boat with figures on the water approaching a rock. The sail boat has two white sails with an orange flag perched above flying to the right suggesting a forward movement of the boat or possibly a slight wind. . Painted on board. Framed in elaborate gild wood frame. Italie, Italian... [more]
Item no M1539
Depicting a boat with figures on the water. The sail boat has two white sails each with the initials “V.D 85” painted on them. Painted on board. Framed in elaborate gild wood frame. Italian, 19th century Dimensions: 23cm x 15cm Dimensions: 9” x 6” In the Frame: 15” x 12” M1539 (QUIBB6) [more]
Item no M0681
Depicting a scene with barbarians, different figures, one man on a horse. Burning castle in the backgroung. Small chip top left. Italy Circa 1700 Height: 12 in. (30.5 cm), Width: 10 in. (25.4 cm) [more]
Item no CO/JMIL
Scene depicting a man herding two cows towards the river, with another person approaching. A small house in the background amidst the trees. By the river are large pine trees, the landscape has large mountains in the background with a blue sky and clouds. Signed ” M. Wutky 1820” on the bottom... [more]
Oil On Canvas
Item no M0136
German School XVIIIth century. “Potrait de Chambellan”Standing half length, in the uniform of the Austrian army, wearing the badge of the Order of Saint Andreas. Painted in the style of Martin von Mytens. Inscription in the back. Germany; circa 1755 Hauteur: 76.2cm x 64.5cm (30” x 25”) [more]
Item no M1631
This oil on canvas is an image of different types of flowers of multiple colors. The main tones range from purples and violets, to orange and maroon, added are some green leaves and plants, all centering themselves around white daisies. The bouquet of flowers are set in bright contrast to a dark... [more]
Oil Painting
Item no M2303
Well executed oil painting depicting a forest scene and stream with a wooden fence. Beautiful rays of light filtering through the forest with blue sky. Set in a wood frame. Good condition. • Contemporary Height: 37.5 in. (95.3 cm) Width: 61 in. (154.9 cm) [more]